Price: $895 Coupons Available!

Available in the following colors:
Wicker: Honey, Silver, Chocolate Multi & Black
Cushions: Canvas, Carmel, Peridot, Sage, Ruby, Tropical, Cinnamon, Terracoota & Plum

This unique  adjustable chaise lounge set was designed by us from our drawings, like most of our furniture. It features a generously oversized frame, with sides big enough to set drinks on while you lounge. The lounge itself is about the biggest you'll find at 88" X  32"  and features a removeable canopy for those days when you feel like relaxing with a bit of shade. The fabric is Spuncrylic which will stay beautiful for two years, unlike the fabric used by many other sellers. Also available in a double chaise lounge with built in middle table.

Fade Resistant Spuncrylic Cushions. 

Our Easy Care/ all weather Set Features:
Ultra Lasting Frame with THICK ALUMINUM BAR Construction!
Powder Coated Aluminum for a no rust foundation
Extra Strapping for flexibility and comfort
High Quality fixtures made to last.
Our Hand Woven All Weather Wicker
Made and tested to withstand heat up to 120 degrees.
Made of PVC and Polyethylene wicker which resembles leather and other natural fibers- no fake plastic look like cheaper sets have.
Our Comfortable Fully Welted Cushions:
Dense but soft foam with a zippered 3 layer system for wash-ability and wear-ability.
SPUNCRYLIC 2 Year Luxury Fabric cushions are waterproof, UV resistant and long lasting yet have the beautiful feel of natural cotton.

Set of 2 88 x 32 chaise lounges with canopies